You’ve Got Goals. You’ve Got Plans. Now What?

Accomplish More With Get-It-Done Groups

12 Weeks of Productive Action to Make Huge Progress With Your Business  

May 22, 2019–Sep 13, 2019 

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Having goals isn’t enough. At the end of the day it’s all about execution:  

We all have things we wan to accomplish! But wanting and doing are two different things. You may know what you really want and need to do, to make your business as successful and meaningful as you always imagined it would be.  

But even with clarity on WHAT to do, I know that you're going to have a brand new problem...  

Because now, you have a fresh need for encouragement, support, and a structure to make sure you actually get it all DONE. 

How High Achievers Fail (And How You Can Succeed)

I speak from experience.  

As a seemingly high-achieving serial entrepreneur, I spent years making far less progress than I wanted to, on every level. Being my own boss was great… except for the part where I had to manage myself and my own bad habits.  

What I wanted to do was to grow a successful, meaningful business and feel fulfilled in my work.  

What happened was more like this: “Hmm, I really should be spending more time working on that... but first I have to deal with this unexpected setback, unblock that bottleneck, reason with my most deeply unreasonable client, and…”  

I knew what I needed to do. I knew how to do it. I knew that I ought to do it.  

But somehow, some things just didn’t quite get done. Or they got done under a heck of a lot of pressure, by the seat of my pants, and left me feeling unsatisfied because I knew I could’ve done better.  

Finally, I realized that the root cause of my problem was dirt-simple: I hadn’t scheduled time specifically for the things that mattered most, and I wasn’t accountable to anybody.  

Nobody was watching me work (or watching me fail to work). Nobody knew what I had planned to accomplish on any given day, so nobody knew if I completed my plans or not.  

I thought this over, concluded that I needed other human beings to keep me proactive and accountable, and set up “Do-It Days” -- in which a group of people get together online and manage each other, checking in throughout the day to provide updates and support to one another.  

And it worked.  

It worked so well that I wrote the 200-page manuscript of one of my books during 20 consecutive Do-It Days, while other members of the group reported accomplishments such as finishing books of their own, building new websites, setting up sales funnels for their businesses, and plowing through a heavy workload more effectively than ever before.  

So I took the idea a step further, developing a whole program founded on the principle that what you need to stay productive is structure, support, and accountability -- within a group of people who genuinely care.  

When you consciously commit to regular, consistent blocks of time in which you’ll take focused action towards a specific goal, and you do so with all the support of a group, it’s amazing how much more progress you can make (and how much better you feel about it, too).  

I call the program “Get-It-Done Groups”, and if the biggest problem with being your own boss is that you’re not always the most productive “employee”... this is the perfect solution for you. 

Am I Your Get-It-Done Guy? 

I'm Stever Robbins, host of the Get-It-Done Guy podcast, the coach of choice for business leaders who want results, and the author of several books including 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More and 3 Bad Habits Successful People Break.  

It’s now more than a decade since I hosted that very first Do-It Day. Hundreds of people have participated, ticking thousands of tasks off to-do lists around the world.  

And the Get-It-Done Groups have really taken off. They provide all the productivity, accountability and support of my Do-It Days, on a repeating schedule for 12 weeks, so that you can accomplish larger goals than you would by just attending a one-off Do-It Day.  

Now I’m inviting you to join. But before you accept, take a look at what my past and present Get-It-Done Groups members say about the program:  

Beth P
Chip C

Completed my project and gained a new work opportunity “In three weeks, I was able to complete a marketing project as well as develop and schedule my marketing plan for a year. I also gained insights from Stever and the group that pushed me to make a phone call that resulted in a new work opportunity and encouraged me to experimented with my website in a way that grew my subscriber list by .03% in a few hours.” — Beth P

Changed everything -- now I can get it all done “It was nothing short of amazing. I developed habits in my professional and personal life that, in a short time, have changed everything. I am now doing the things that I always told myself I did not have time for (going to the gym, studying for a professional exam, taking care of administrative tasks in my office). Stever did an excellent job at leading the process and matching the participants up with a like-minded accountabilibuddy. I highly recommend Get-It-Done Groups for anyone who needs to make a path for success. The group gave me focus, recharged my creativity and showed me that I can get it all done.” — Chip C  

Joyce K
Claire T

The group made it possible “I had been thinking of starting a business for 2 years. In 3 weeks, I moved from idea to a concrete plan and conducted two experiments to test my plan. The support from Stever, my accountabilibuddy and the group made it possible.” — Joyce K  

The way to make progress on a big project “Being part of Get-It-Done Groups helped me realise that the way to progress on a large project, such as a book, is to set up habits and routines that ensure daily progress.” — Claire T  

There is no better feeling than this “I got it done!!! That dreaded project that has been looming over my head for months. Even though I was learning new productivity strategies, I got that darn awful project DONE! And there is no better feeling than that. I highly recommend it to you. To everyone.” — Marjorie H  

Why I want YOU in Get-it-Done Groups…

I’m confident that you’ll make great progress in your own work by joining Get-It-Done Groups. But that’s not all.  

I also believe that you’re the type of person who will show up for the group with a high level of engagement, a supportive attitude, and the willingness to help others reach their goals too.  

Because that’s the power of people -- as long as we support each other, help each other out when we get stuck or distracted, and stay focused on our goal of being great managers for each other, then we all do better.  

That’s what I’m looking for in Get-It-Done Groups members. And that’s why I hope *you’ll* join us for this.  

What’s included in your 12-week membership:  

  • An “accountabilibuddy” for mutual support and daily check-ins
  • A supportive community of smart, driven ex-procrastinators to cheer you on Twice-weekly Do-It Days with the group to make sure you set aside time for action
  • A weekly Community Support call where we all share progress, trade solutions, celebrate our successes, and brainstorm how to overcome challenges
  • Access to webinars and useful tools to help you stay focused and streamline your work
  • Weekly office hours with me for extra help and advice 
  • All the accountability you need to make great progress on an important project or accomplish a big goal  

What you’ll do in the 12 weeks:  

In Week 1, you’ll spend your time setting up the infrastructure required to support your goal-oriented actions, and getting oriented with how the Get-It-Done Groups program works .  

In Week 2, you’ll meet your personal accountabilibuddy and have your first daily check-ins with them. Then you’ll have your first Do-It Day, where you’ll power through your most important activities with hourly group accountability calls to keep you moving.  

In Weeks 3-11, you’ll work within a repeating cycle of daily accountabilibuddy check-ins, weekly office hours with me, and Do-It Days twice a week. Plus our twice-weekly webinars will introduce you to new productivity tools.  

In Week 12, you’ll wrap up your 12-week sprint with analysis, strategizing next steps, and feeding back your thoughts on the program itself.  

Of course, you don't HAVE to do any of this stuff. You could choose to carry on just as you are.  

But if you choose to do nothing different, then you can expect to get… nothing different.  

And that would be a shame, because I know you could accomplish much, much more with the right structure, support and community around you in Get-It-Done Groups.  

So I'm making the decision as easy as I can for you.  

I've told you all about the program on this page (and if you have any questions that aren't answered here, please email me!). I've explained what you'll get, what you'll do, and what you can expect to achieve.  

I've even made the investment as affordable and straightforward as possible.

The investment is just $1497 for the 12-week cycle. If you're so happy with the results that you want to continue, there is special pricing for ongoing members. 

Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers for You

If this is right for you, then I want you to know about it so that you can sign up and get started.  

And if it isn’t right for you, then I want you to know that too, because the last thing I’d want is for you to spend unnecessary time mulling it over.  

So I’ve done my best to compile a list of the most commonly asked questions about Get-It-Done Groups, and I’ve answered them all here. Enjoy!  

When does it start? We'll kick off the 12-week Get-It-Done Groups program on Wednesday, March 13. It runs through June 7.  

What will I actually be doing? For 12 weeks, you’ll check-in with your accountabilibuddy for a few minutes each day, and each of you will help the other to orient yourselves with the path of greatest progress. Twice a week, we’ll have group Do-It Days during which we dedicate time to working on a specific project, and checking in together for a few minutes every hour. And once a week, you’ll have the opportunity for a longer conversation with me during my office hours to help you maximize your productivity and stay on track for success. (Do-It-Days, tools webinars, and office hours are all optional, but strongly recommended.)  

What if I have a hectic schedule? That’s fine. You’ll coordinate with your accountabilibuddy to find a check-in time that works for both of you, and almost every other element of the program will be available to you as a recording if you can’t make it live.  

What if I don’t have time for a productivity program? You don’t need a lot of free time to participate in Get-It-Done Groups. Just 10 minutes per day is enough to check in with your accountabilibuddy and get yourself set on the best course to accomplish your goal.  

What if I’m unavailable for part of the 12-week timeframe? No problem -- let me know in advance, and we can find a temporary accountabilibuddy to fill in for you (or for *your* accountabilibuddy) if either of you is on vacation. 

Pause here for a moment, and really think about it… what will your life be like when you’re able to make astonishing progress with your business? What will be different?  

I don’t know your specific thoughts on this, but I can hazard a guess: You might like to spend more time relaxing. Hanging out with friends or family. You’ll enjoy the immense sense of achievement you get from checking yet another task off your list and knowing that you’re making massive headway on something that truly matters.  

Most of all, I think you’ll be glad to wake up every morning without that faint twinge of panic you’ve been feeling when you think about how much needs to be done.  

Because with Get-It-Done Groups, you’ll know that even when there’s a lot to do, you can handle it like a boss.

How Much Progress Will You Make in the Next 12 Weeks?

Let's make sure you keep going for your goals and make great progress, by joining Get-It-Done Groups so that you get access to:  

  • A supportive community of smart, ex-procrastinators to cheer you on, including your very own “accountabilibuddy”
  • Twice-weekly Do-It Days with the group to make sure you take consistent, productive action
  • A weekly community support call for mutual support, celebration, and brainstorming
  • Useful tools to help you stay focused and aligned with your goals
  • Weekly task review to maintain and prune your task list (the part of most task management systems that none of us do on our own, but together, we get it done!)
  • All the accountability you need to make progress on your most important project or check a big goal off your bucket list  

How does that all sound to you?  

Click the button, enter your info, and I’ll be thrilled to welcome you into Get-It-Done Groups. 

It *is* possible to go from unproductive busywork to focused, productive execution on your key goals.  

But your success won’t happen from wishing or planning -- it happens from action, and you need to do something now to get rolling.  

So come join us in Get-It-Done Groups, and we’ll keep each other on track to accomplish more and live a saner, more satisfying life.  

A wonderfully handsome picture of Stever Robbins

Stever Robbins

P.S. You don’t need a pile of new techniques or special tricks, and you don’t need to do everything super-fast. What you really need is a little extra push to manage your tasks proactively, and that’s why this group will be an ideal environment for you to thrive. I’m looking forward to working with you again!